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A11yCamp 2012

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  • Automated Testing
  • Bug Triaging
  • Design
  • Distro Issues
  • Documentation
  • Free desktop Accessibility / GNOME Accessibility beyond GNOME
  • GNOME 3.6 and Accessibility Always On
  • Hacking on Accessibility
  • Hacking and ensuring Accessibility
  • Improving collaboration with other teams
  • Marketing
  • New Assistive Technologies
  • Performance
  • Your Topic Here

Quite a few members of the GNOME Accessibility Team will be present at this year’s GUADEC, so  it will be a great chance for developers to get together and discuss ideas, learn new things, share experiences and even get things done if possible. Those who won’t be able to attend will be remotely participating via IRC.

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  • Coudcoud63

     “GNOME 3.6 and Accessibility Always On”
    Great, I hope they will include in 3.6 a native option to disable the a11y icon in top panel.

    The “Remove Accessibility” extension is the second most popular on (the most popular is the famous “Alternative Status Menu”giving a workaround to a problem that should be solved in 3.6).

  • Juanjo Marin

    @517249254e35d1d0a684a30a6122254b:disqus  “The GNOME 3.6 and Accessibility Always On” is not about not allowing users to remove the accessibility icon, is about the way the accessibility framework is started. The current situation the accessibility framework is still relying on plugin loading based on the ‘accessibility-toolkit’ gsetting value and the plan is to integrate the accessibility framework in the core platform.