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A View To Geary’s Inline Composer & CSD!

This is the unstable Geary 0.7.x (0.6+Git technically) that it will eventually become 0.8. So far the biggest changes, at least considering the visuals, is the port to CSD (Client Side Decorations & Header Bars) plus the addition of an inline compositor which is a major usability feature.

Notice that Geary is now depended on GTK+ 3.10 which isn’t the latest GTK version, and I guess they do this so they can maintain the compatibility with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Debian. So unfortunately Geary won’t use the goodies of GTK+ 3.12 or the upcoming GTK+ 3.14.

However it will gain some benefits when we run it against a latest GTK. For example Fedora 21 or Arch (or any other modern distro!) users will be able to use Geary with GTK+ 3.14 and Wayland.

[caption id="attachment_26532" align="aligncenter" width="640"]geary-wayland Geary running natively on Wayland[/caption]

The above figure demonstrates Geary running on Wayland and GTK 3.13.2. Notice the gear button, which is actually Geary’s fallback application menu for non-GNOME desktops, like Unity and others. Obviously, this is a bug, it isn’t supposed to happen to Wayland.

[caption id="attachment_26533" align="aligncenter" width="640"]geary-gtk314 Shell Window Menu[/caption]

Another figure that demonstrates a new GTK+ 3.14 feature, where Shell Window Menus (also new feature in Shell 3.14) are working fine on Geary’s CSDs.

Geary’s CSD isn’t actually a new thing, since a git branch with header menus was existed for some time. What’s really new is the inline compositor which Jim Nelson explains in more detail in his blog.

[caption id="attachment_26537" align="aligncenter" width="640"]geary-new-mail Compose a new mail[/caption]

When we compose a new email, the form will open inside the main Geary window, instead of launching a new one. Of course that will work when we reply too.

[caption id="attachment_26538" align="aligncenter" width="640"]geary-inline-reply Reply & Detached window[/caption]

There is also a handy button on the bottom of the composer that permits us to to detach the window (top left), if we want to use more space, like full screen. When we detach the window though, there is no way to reattach it back ..yet.

The inline compositor isn’t ready after all; for example it can’t either handle multiple mails at the same time, but this is something that Yorba is working on, and they are going to fix it by the stable release.

So these were two of the new major features that we will get on Geary 0.8!

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