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A Small Change in Adwaita Dark Theme

Add borders to dark windows #726783

While this change seems insignificant, and you may not even have noticed the weird borders of Adwaita’s dark variant, it makes things greatly better!


Currently on master, hopefully on 3.12.1

A Dark Terminal in Fedora?

GNOME Terminal is the only app (AFAIK) that let’s us to set the dark or the light variant from its settings.


Fedora 20 / GNOME 312 from Copr at some point updated Terminal settings, and now the dark variant is the default. However on upstream GNOME, the default theme for Terminal is the light one.

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  • IsacDaavid

    image viewer (eye of Gnome) also lets you change the theme variant.
    we need a dark GTK2 theme for Adwaita.

    • alex285

      I have eog 3.12 in f20 and I dont see this option in preferences.

      • IsacDaavid

        I haven’t upgraded to 3.12, but in 3.10 the option is located right here:

        • alex285

          wow, ofc it needed to install the eog-plugins package.. epic old-school linux preferences ;)