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A Short Review On GNOME 3.13.3!

This is going to be a quick synopsis in what GNOME has done so far. I’m assuming you already know GNOME’s new features, therefore I won’t go into details, either I won’t give links, because progress is going so fast that a 10 days old post might be obsoleted.

This review is done on Fedora 21 (Rawhide), because it has the very best support for GNOME, and it provides the very latest builds. That doesn’t mean that you have to change your distro. Ubuntu-GNOME 14.10 is going to be a very good distro and of course Arch/Antergos. There are also Mageia, openSUSE & Debian and never forget the very pro Gentoo!

GNOME 3.13.3

This is the third unstable release towards to GNOME 3.14 and it continues exactly where 3.12 stopped. GTK & Wayland. These are the two things that will get massive improvements in GNOME 3.14.

Bellow are the most significant changes (I can remember!) from GNOME 3.12 -not from 3.13.2!


Apart the typical introduction or deprecation of new classes or the bug fixes, we have a re-write of Adwaita theme in SASS, plus Adwaita is now included inside libGTK. That means that the theme will be available both in OS X and Win platforms or in any other GTK installation.

[caption id="attachment_27041" align="aligncenter" width="640"]widget-factory Window Menu is now draw by Shell[/caption]

Adwaita is also bringing major changes in user interface with fading transitions, redesigned controls, new icons and dozens of smaller changes. Another accomplished goal for Adwaita 3.14 was to become easily maintained and able to scaled well enough among applications. The second means that in GNOME applications will be able to use custom CSS.

Another huge thing is the embedded inspector. That will give great help to examine the components of an applications and even change them on real time.

[caption id="attachment_27042" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gimp-red Making Gimp’s canvas RED!
Yeah, that’s GIMP 3 on GTK+ 3![/caption]

GTK Inspector is going to be also a magnificent tool for theme developers, and except the fact that will make theme development easier, it will most importantly help theme authors to maintain their work for the future versions of GTK+, by easily tracking the changes.

GTK also includes many changes for working in Wayland, supporting HiDPI and Gestures but I will refer those in another post.


Software biggest change is the support of the Addons in the Appdata. That let us discover if an application has additional add-ons that extent the functionality of the app, and we can easily install or remove them.


But that’s not all! Many bug fixes, search as you type, updated notifications, improvements in AppFolders creation, a key to disable automatic update downloads & more!

VTE / Terminal

There is lots of re-factoring in VTE and Terminal, some classes have been ported from C to Vala, there are text wrapping improvements, some new features in terminal alongside with some re-design in Terminal preferences.


Unfortunately transparency isn’t still here :(


Many Games have received a significant redesign & more changes are going to come.


When GNOME Games rich a certain level of quality there is a good chance to see them as part of the default GNOME installation. Mines & Sudoku are definitely worth it!


Lots are happening here. Twitter & MSN Live are out from Online Accounts, but Media Server, Google Photos & Tasks are in, while there is now a way to manually select what online providers we want to install!

[caption id="attachment_27047" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gcc3133 GNOME Help has also got great improvements & many docs updates![/caption]

Sharing also added per-network Media, File and Screen sharing while there are some more improvements in UI, HiDPI support for backgrounds, bug fixes and others.

Application & Utilities

So far GNOME core Apps gains benefits directly from GTK+ development, like Header Bars, Popovers Menus, RTL (Right 2 Left) support and so on. New features will be mostly included on later releases, while there are some things that will come from GSoC.


On the bad side, Utilities of great importance like Files, Disks & Analyzer, System Monitor, Logs haven’t get any major improvements, rather small bug fixes.


Shell is actually the GNOME or at least this is what people mean. One of the big changes in 3.14 is the brand new Notifications, but they haven’t still arrived on Master, so I can’t included them in here.

What has been done so far, it mostly considers Wayland support, which is the biggest change for GNOME 3.14 and probably the biggest competitive advantage too, over other desktops.

[caption id="attachment_27048" align="aligncenter" width="640"]shell3133 Show Details option, open the app directly on Software[/caption]

I can’t screencast GNOME on Wayland (recording video gives a blank screen!), but it is a worth to mention that Wayland now works on Intel, nVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Of course Shell already carries many bug-fixes and improvements for multi-monitors, and better integration with apps-dialogs and apps on Overview Mode & others!

There is More!

It is completely impossible to cover all the changes in GNOME 3.13.3 (& the 50+ active projects they run!), even if we are in the middle on the development cycle, and traditionally most of the changes will come after GUADEC.

One thing I want to apologize a bit, is that lately I’m posting GNOME news only on G+, to save me some time. I might start “Tweeting” GNOME news on blog again, meaning many & small posts.

A small issue for me, is because I’m using Rawhide exclusively I’ve almost forgotten how 3.12 was like, and I will probably will miss many many major changes. After this review I’ll try to make weekly reviews with GNOME progress.

Full changelogs are available at:

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