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A Screenshot Tour to Gnome Shell 3.7.2+Git

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There is a number of huge changes like the integrated search or the re-worked notification API (and maybe a Privacy Section – work in progress), but I’ ll just go with the visuals for the moment. And not all of them. This is just the second release of Gnome Shell (3.7.2) towards the stable 3.8  (next March), many many patches are under review and they’ll be pushed in master in next releases.

Lock Screen

Lock Screen has  a different color balance that indicates is not the actual desktop. Top panel is now transparent to help us understand is not part of the “curtain”.  We can choose if we want to display Notifications in Lock Screen, and what Notifications (not yet arrived).

When we reveal the Login Screen behind the curtain the Top Panel becomes part of it. Also notice the new inactive button style <Unlock>, that gets active as soon as we start typing our password.  Unlock keypad is also possible to arrive in Gnome 3.8 -there is already a working version, but I think it missing the G-C-C panel applet to configure it.

Windows Overview

One of the best visual enchantments is that the Gnome Shell now draws the Window according to the original size and help us to easier recognize each App. Unfortunately Applications Icons are not visible over the Windows, but I just hope to fix that –or we can use an extension for it.

When we hove a Window a light border comes out that indicates better our selection. Also Search Field has a re-worked style to be more “noticeable”.


There will be a ton of changes here. So I will skip what is going to come, till it comes. Visually there is a re-work with small enchantments, one of them is the size of Bubble Box that is now bigger, while  cursor is now I-Beam in text entries – wide adopted in every text-input in Shell.

Another nice change here is the shortcut <Super+N> that let us directly respond by focusing on upcoming coming chats, without removing our hands from keyboard.

User Menu

Not much changes here, <Unavailable> became <Offline>, <System Settings> renamed to <Settings>. That came as part of some discussion with users; <Settings> and <Offline> makes more sense. Also a <Log Out> will be available in more situations, and it might be set always visible with an option in Gnome Tweak Tool.


This is the new style of running an App with Alt+F2. Close button doesn’t exit the Overview Mode (as Esc does), and it has also an I-Beam cursor, that I didn’t Screen shot it :(

Notice the <No Messages> info in the Message Tray. That is displayed when there are any messages, so new users won’t be confused by “what is this empty space?”.


There is a lot of work towards to workspaces visuals, like a new animation when we drag a window between two workspaces (currently no animation exists). At the moment a cursor has been added that indicates the move of the window in the workspace.

The black square is a bug of Gnome Screenshot, or better a bug with Clutter and Gnome Screenshot. Speaking of Clutter there is a new shadow effect when we open modals. Just a small change, that looks good.


Ctrl+Alt+Tab comes with improved symbolic icons and now displays the correct -system wide- icons (i.e Message Tray, Applications etc..)

And again the Screenshot cursor bug :)


There are many other changes that I am totally sure I missed so those are just *some* of them. There is another impressive number of changes that will arrive in Gnome 3.7.3 (or 3.7.5), mostly as part of the Every Details Matters project. And these are just the visuals, because under the hood great things are coming, like the XI2 port.

Keep on mind that Gnome Shell 3.7.2 isn’t stable, it has critical bugs and it isn’t useful for any kind of production (including just watching YouTube!). So it isn’t real good idea to update your packages, except if you want to make some testing.

A Gnome Story 



The Linux’s perception of my neighbours | From Veri’s Blog


I live in a little village close to the city and one of the houses close to my property is for rent since more than ten years. A lot of families and people succeeded in that house and every time someone new joined my Linux evangelist hat jumped in my head.

I’ve always presented myself as a Linux geek to my neighbours and it has been nice seeing how the Linux word evolved (with funny and surprising quotes) during the past ten years in their minds. A friend of mine (Aretha Battistutta) made a little comic strip out of the topic and the result is simply amazing.

The End.

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  • Alfredo Hernández

    I don’t see how making Alt+Tab use symbolic icons can improve the user experience. Anyway, the rest of changes are great.

    • alex285

      It now displays the rights icons, for example in message tray and applications

    • A guest

      Not Alt+Tab, Alt+Ctrl+Tab

      • Alfredo Hernández

        Oh, that explains it all. Thanks for the correction ;)

    • Juanjo Marín

      The change here is not using symbolic icons, is just using better symbolic icons. In previous versions, the top bar and the message tray had the same icons and, of course, each part of the desktop deserves its own icon :-)

      • alex285

        yeap, my bad!

  • Josh Melling

    I’ve been running 3.7.2 in UGR and its smooth, loving the way the lockscreen wallpaper is faded.

  • Philip Witte

    Good review, thanks for the pictures.

  • Bastian

    This is one of the few sites I check several times a day for news. Thanks for feeding me, you guys are doing a great job creating the bridge between developers and users. :)

    • Salman


    • Ahmed Sherif


    • alex285

      Thank you

      You can check also on which isn’t ready (that is why is a bit hidden), but this is a better bridge between developers and users, as there are some gnomers there :)

    • foobar

      +1, but misleading sometimes.

      • alex285

        Think it as developer, think is as a bug :)

    • Thomas


  • Stefanauss

    A friend of mine was complaining about lack of shortcut for focusing the message tray just a couple of days ago!
    I’ll get to him right away ;)

  • Ahmed Sherif

    great news

  • Argh

    wheelchair edition?

  • exlinuxuser

    I’m not happy that i am currently windows user but i’m happy that i’m not using red hat broken shit (gnome, gtpk, systemd, udevil….)

    Red hat virus is spreading and infecting every healthy project out there.


  • ChengcaiWang

    how to make screenshort in overview mode and lock mode???

    • alex285

      Using Gnome Screenshot, you can set the time (ie after 5sec)

      • ChengcaiWang

        thx,but really complex action……

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  • André

    CTRL + ALT + TAB is really hard to press at once.