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A Screencast To The Latest & Greatest GTK+ Inspector!

GTK+ Inspector in version 3.13.2 (+Git)  is coming loaded with many new features, like a Resources View, a handy CSS save button, Popovers to easily changing GTK values and much much more!

[caption id="attachment_26518" align="aligncenter" width="640"]inspector-resources What if Node-GLib & UI files in JSON-like?
Quite far from but not quite unlikely![/caption]

Matthias Clasen has already done amazing job to inspector and this is just the beginning!

Ideas for further development

These are some of the upcoming features of GTK Inspector in no particular order.

  • Show GObject memory statistics: how many objects of each type are alive. Needs support in GObject 354457
  • Show mainloop statistics: how many sources are attached, how often do they fire, how long they take … Needs support in GLib 710723
  • Add a more structured css editor. Look at any major web browser for ideas
  • Capture g_log output and show it – recursion danger here, if showing the log generates more logs
  • Add logging (property changes, traced signal emissions, etc)
  • Visual box model debugging: highlight margin, borders, etc
  • Show frame clock information: frame rate, animations, etc
  • Bring back scripting. gtkparasite has support for python scripting. The code is still there in the inspector, just not enabled to avoid a python dependency. May base it on instead ?
  • Add a D-Bus api; being able to introspect the application and inject changes from an IDE is a powerful idea
  • Isolate the inspector window from global state changes (style, text direction, visual debugging,…) if they come from the inspector itself. We currently do it (in a hacky way) just for text direction
  • Show child types (ie. ‘center’, ‘title’, ‘tab’ etc). Needs GTK+ api
  • Indicate modified properties in the UI, and add a way to reset them
  • Display GMenu models in a useful way

A Screencast

Since GTK+ Inspector initial release is on upcoming GTK+ 3.14, we can’t really have changelogs so a screencasting might work better! I tried to make it as short as possible, but oh well, it popped out 4 minutes :/

Could theming ever be easier? ;)

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