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A Redesigned File Picker 4 GNOME! | Mockups

Simple, Clean, Web-ish, I love it!


Single File – Selecting by Drag and Drop


Single File – Selecting by URL | Dark background instead?


Single File – Selecting by browsing


Single File – Selecting by search


Selecting a folder – Unchecked


Selecting a folder -Checked


Pick a file to save to


Pick a file to save to – Create new folder

File Extensions are hidden on mockups. There isn’t such case.

This work is from Jakub Steiner and William Jon McCann (today) and it can be found in Gnome-Design-Team Github.

These are early mockups. They aren’t meant to be complete, they can be changed, they might never happen.


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  • kiheru

    Looks nice, but…

    I find the lack of file extensions disturbing. That’s an unending cause of user errors on windows.

    I also wish that designers stopped putting widgets to the title bar just because it’s possible now. Space is not an issue on dialogs that are typically smaller than the main window anyway, and placing buttons to the top breaks the normal from top to down flow when using them.

    • alex285

      I didnt notice that. I dont think they will hide them.