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A Quick Look at Gimp3 (2.99) ..Yeap, 3 :)

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when is coming?

Gimp roadmap doesn’t give any dates and I asked Gimp developer Michael Natterer (aka mitch).

Mitch told us: “Next stable release will be 2.10, which will bring the gegl port, and deprecates lots of libgimp API. Then there will be gimp 3.0 which will be GTK3. There is the gtk3-port branch that it kept rebased on top of master and works pretty well. The only date i can give is that 3.0 will come after 2.10, sorry”.

So, Gimp on GTK3 won’t come any time soon, but oh well we can still try it from gtk-3 branch.


I am not quite sure if Gimp 3 will come with dark theme, but it’s a small detail after all.

Everything seems same as 2.8.2, but the theme. It starts with multiple windows but..

..we can set the single window.

Version 2.99 .. so close ..but so far from 3.0 :)

My desperate tries to load and edit an image in Gimp 3 ..

..had always the same result :)

gimp and gtk3

It feels weird that Gimp which was the application that Gtk was originally written for, 2 years after Gtk3 release it is still on Gtk2. Gimp lacks on resources (manpower) which is strange, because Gimp is Gimp, everybody uses it. Gimp might (sure is!) be more popular than Gnome itself,  it also popular in Windows and recently gained a native port in Mac OSX.

try it out

Unfortunately (at least in Ubuntu) there isn’t a PPA (or I didn’t find any) to install it, and that means you have to compile it by yourselves. Gimp building from source, wasn’t the most enjoyable thing for me ..wish you better luck :)

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  • Pau Iranzo

    Gimp is still in GTK2 basically because of the lack of developers (and other issues explained here:

  • foobar

    I love gimp. However, doing image manipulations the right way is hard. Nothing all developers are able to do. I’m, for instance, more into formal stuff & classic computer science as in media technology. Chapeau.

  • Josh Melling

    Hiow are you getting Gimp to use the Dark version of Adwaita?

    • alex285

      Gimp 3 is using it by default, and you can’t use it in Gimp 2.8. There isn’t a black version for Gtk2 Applications.

    • alex285

      Gimp3 is using it by default. You can’t use it on Gimp 2.8 (Gtk2), dark Adwaita is only available in Gtk3 Apps.

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