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A promotional video for Gnome with Goops | Feedback please!

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I made this name few minutes ago and is a joke for Gnome + Oops. I don’t think there is something to explain here, you understand the connection between Gnome and Oops, right? :)

I tested it on iSpeech and Acapela (I know there are OS text to speech!) and sounds nice. It also looks good as a word.

Tentative Design

These are the initial designs. We haven’t picked up yet something, but I personally fancy the thumbnail figure.

The art work is made by raitEni.


Many people here are into Gimp and Deviant members. Will we be glad if you could make some mockups and post them here or send them at our email. The only thing is “closed” is body geometry.

Concept Scripts

We have two stories (about 2min animation), but aren’t completed yet. We will post our scripts also for feedback.

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    What do you need a 3d model or just a mockup design?

    • alex285

      Just designs over it with Gimp. Or proposals. We’ll make the 3d after.

  • Rodrigo Teixeira

    I don’t know… I think a foot is not a good mascot for nothing. Is it really necessary?

    • alex285

      There is a sponge character, foot is more normal! But I think foot is nice, because everything is asymmetric on it, and foot can cause all sort of feelings :) Besides if you make his toes like hair, you can’t even recognize that is a foot.

      • Rodrigo Teixeira

        Yeah, the idea of the hair is really good. I have a suggestion, but I don’t know if it is good: he could use an accessory with the blue stripes of the wallpaper to create a good visual identity with Gnome. And the robot legs and arms are not good.

        • Rodrigo Teixeira

          The most beautiful is the foot that uses blue groves and boots.

          • alex285

            90% we go with normal legs and shoes! Maybe All Star.. Goops wears All Stars, Goop drinks Pepsi etc :)

  • jjmarin

    I’d prefer 2d cartoons. Maybe you can try TBO if you want to go with classical cartoons :-)

    • alex285

      2nd row / 3rd column (style2) has cartoon rendering.

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  • André Klausnitzer

    I doesn’t look friendly to me. Looks like it would sell some oil to me.

  • Anon

    Honestly? Awful.

  • fedora the explorers

    mother of god, even the gnome designers can do it better

    but it might be nice for gnome 1.x

  • philip ballinger

    thats a tough one…. i would start by loosing the arms and legs, since the hair is floating, there should not be a problem to do the same for the sneakers and hands, might try a cartoon hand, go with the lighter version. i dont think the mouth works… that also needs some work…(some very old stuff that i did…could be of interest. )

    • alex285

      I like these hands, thanks for feedback!

      • fedora the explorer

        such a good taste

  • Rigaldo

    Why do this? :/
    I like what you want to do .. But I don’t think this will work or I just don’t find it very appealing .. And I just don’t think the Gnome “sign” was meant to be seen like that .. xD
    So I’ll throw my opinion.

    I suggest an old gnome with white hair, beard, big feet and all with big feet leaving footprints :DMaybe a cute one.
    Maybe he teaches his kids or other(human children, or young adults) to use the gnome desktop. Maybe not even showing, just his footprints .. hmmm