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A preview of Notifications Filtering for GNOME 3.8

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Notifications Panel

So after the Search Panel there is another new Panel that we will see in GNOME 3.8.

The icon is missing and to be honest I couldn’t correct run this patch, so I am borrowing Giovanni’s (who is the author) Screenshots which are a bit old and there will be some changes. These patches haven’t yet arrived in Master but if you want to apply them here they are (#685928)

Notifications First Screen

Entering in Notification Panel you can disable some or all Notifications and you can set them to be visible or not, on Lock Screen.

Here are just Dropbox and Lifearea, but obviously there will be more, like Empathy.

Editing Notifications

By choosing a single Notification you can set its custom settings.

Banners are the Notifications “Boxes” in Message Panel (on bottom). English is not my native language, but I can’t understand the term <Banners> here. Anyway.

Notification Filtering will solve many requests and privacy weaknesses of NOME Shell, but the hardest part is if third party developers will adopt this. Regarding this issue GNOME is working towards a new Notification API that will make everyone’s lives better.

I guess these patches will be merged in Master in the next few days, so we can see it in action :)

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