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A Preview of G-Videos 3.10

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The last month I was totally away from watching what was going on in GNOME development, but today I installed the latest GNOME and I was trying modules one by one, starting of course from GNOME Shell. While I didn’t find something quite spectacular in GNOME Shell, the surprise came from G-Videos (aka Totem).


This is how the default video player is going to look like in GNOME 3.10. Obviously we are not talking for an application that is here to just play videos, but we are dealing with a video-discover software; both local and online (cloud services). That is similar to the rest “file” handling GNOME Apps, like Documents, Contacts, Music etc etc. Without being sure about, I think you can also add your own folders.

You aren’t exactly a friend of how GNOME Documents works? While Videos follows the same pattern, it does it better.


Smackdown or Raw but definitely not boxing. I am fan of WWE because is real, not fake like boxing :) G-Videos will bring amazing fast the results from YouTube; pretty much with the same speed as a browser, but will less info (ie not comments, ratings etc -at least in this version).

People love Internet and they love Google, so I am a bit concerned if this ability of Videos will be proved quite useful -I might be wrong on this.

G-Videos gives an extra option to navigate through YouTube Feeds and Categories.



I almost forgot that G-Video is also and a video player. There are some nice aesthetic changes here, which slightly increase usability.


GNOME Videos has a variety of usability issues, like handling no-UTF no-latin subtitles, playing/previewing incomplete files (ie Torrents), scrolling forward/backwards is not good enough, setting presets in color-balance; you know these kind of things that need to be improved also.

While GNOME Team might fix many of those issues, what they can do about that?


I think when people have the right to use Open Source / Free Software they need to understand that they also have the obligation to support it. In 2013 and still not Open Standard for Media. Pathetic..

On the contrary Videos is not pathetic at all! And most of the credits (or complains!) go to Bastien Nocera (the guy in the thumb!)  for his work in new Totem!

This is GnomeVideos from Git (today) and is alpha software

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  • User

    I hate that UI gradients that look like 10 year old Flash video players :(

    • Remjg

      Me too! Nice to see a UI change for totem though… The old design had been there for too long!

  • chrys

    how good is it keyboardnavigatable?

    • alex285

      Keyboard Navigation is good in all GNOME, so I guess the same will apply for Totem. You can navigate through folders and play videos, but I didn’t find out how you can back (ie Alt+Left doesn’t work).

  • Kekun

    Hasn’t YouTube been removed from Totem years ago because of advertising or something like that or am I mistaking it for something else ?

    • ScionicSpectre

      Well, YouTube has remained, but the video quality has suffered greatly due to political reasons with gdata. I’m not sure of the specifics, but I don’t think it was a wholesale removal of YouTube functionality.

      If this includes so many online sources for videos, it may well replace Minitube as my ‘YouTube app’.

  • Milozzy

    fantastic!!!! and I mean, I am not talking about Videos (or, well, not only) but of the fact that I am not the only one linux enthusiast who happen to be a Wrestling fan too!!

    • Matthew Javelet

      Wrestling is fake and stupid please stop wasting your life.

      • Milozzy

        Stupid is who stupid does…Trolling on the internet is really stupid.

        Please, go on trolling.

        You’re welcome.

        • Matthew Javelet

          You should be thanking your brain instead of me. Stupid is who stupid does? Derp derp. Even google recognizes that mistake, genius.

          All I did was say wrestling is gay and fake and everybody knows it, this is not trolling this is called spreading truth.

          • ScionicSpectre

            I’m not sure your use of the word ‘gay’ was necessary or appropriate. I’m not into WWE, but I don’t think the fans of that kind of wrestling are concerned with its authenticity.

          • lordpenguin

            Hi guys! My name is Dean Howell, Editor-in-chief of The Powerbase, a popular open source magazine. I also have a successful career in IT where I work with some of the world’s premiere NVR software for Linux.

            …and I love Wrestling.

            I am about to see my third live WWE show for the year.

            Am I stupid?


          • ScionicSpectre

            Despite your context, I wouldn’t say anyone’s interests are stupid or make them stupid just because I don’t find them enjoyable. There are many shows I find interesting for very different reasons compared to the fanbase. I never assume the reasons why someone loves to watch or use anything in particular, and even if they are the most shallow reasons, I don’t think every moment in life should be deep and interesting. It is the lulls in life, the basic experiences, which lend depth to those most important to us.

            In this way, you could even say drama is an affront to true emotion because it is so contrived. Even still, this does seem way off-topic. XD TL:DR, I don’t think being a WWE fan has all that much to do with your core intelligence.

          • Brandon Manley

            Sorry… no. There are activities that are stupid. The definition of stupid is as follows. “1.) lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
            2.) characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless:

            In that regard, almost everything we do is considered stupid to some extent.
            Wrestling is definitely senseless, and those that watch it lack ordinary quickness and keenness of mind to notice the senselessness. Therefore, logically, those that watch wresting are stupid.

          • ScionicSpectre

            Of course, much of it depends on what a given person finds easy to mentally digest, or what they consider senseless. But you are right to point out that my tone probably encourages an overly subjective view of entertainment. There are comedies, for instance, that are admittedly of a lower quality and mental threshold.

            However, enjoying something doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t notice the senselessness of it. I’m sure there are plenty of WWE fans who are fully aware of the false nature of it, and find pleasure in some other aspect. I doubt anyone watches WWE because they are genuinely intrigued by the depth of the drama and plot.

            Just because you enjoy simplicity every once in a while doesn’t mean you are simple-minded. It may only mean you know when to take a break.

          • Brandon Manley

            Valid point. However, there are people that watch wresting for the drama. And I’m sure they far outweigh those “taking a break”. If you break it down to its basest elements even those that love it would hate the idea of it.
            EX: “I love to watch huge muscular men pretending to fight each other in leotards while acting out a script that’s less compelling than a soap opera. Then lay on top of each other until one of them taps out. Oh, and also have some shitty music playing.”

          • ScionicSpectre

            Yeah, they’re not making the big bucks that keep the show running from the kind of people I mentioned. It’s funny- I wouldn’t be surprised if drama students were forced to study WWE as a point of reference for what to avoid.

            So yes, while I may never quite get it, I’m sure there are a few things I enjoy that others would find shamefully dull (like Linux). I guess that could explain my defensiveness.

          • Brandon Manley

            Unfortunately, Over-acting and underacting is a type of acting. Thats why B-movies still exist. There will always be people dumb enough to enjoy them.

          • alex285

            Linus to Einstein: “I am making Linux Kernel, am I stupid?” Everyone is stupid and everyone is smart. Depending who are you compared with ;)

            Just a stupid joke ;)

          • Matthew Javelet

            I said that wrestling is stupid not the people who watch it are stupid. Your skills that helped your incorrectly establish what I meant do seem somewhat on the stupid side though.

            Also, just because you have a nice job title and do ‘some’ IT work doesn’t mean you are smart. You thinking that saying all that will help verify your credentials also seems to be on the stupid side.

            Sorry to sound mean but you did ask.

          • Craig

            Not sure, but you are definitely smug and a spammer. Two wrongs don’t make a right :)

    • alex285

      People who blame WWE haven’t realize that is the story behind the fights and not the fights that makes it enjoyable.. WWE is the first of its kind in “set-up” reality shows. They should had Oprah Winfrey to present it ;)

      • Brandon Manley

        “Set-up” and “reality” are polar opposites. There is really no such thing as a reality show. Having said that, that’s not at all what wrestling is, was, or ever will be. It is pure fiction. If anyone believes its real, they are stupid. If anyone enjoys the stories, they are stupid. If anyone defends the obvious stupidity, they are not only trying to fool themselves into believing they are not stupid, they are also stupid. Enjoy being stupid, stupid.

  • Matthew Javelet

    Do you truly believe that wrestling is not fake but boxing is? The world has done you wrong my friend.

    • alex285

      Hey, that was a joke!

      • Matthew Javelet

        I just saw the wrestling videos in the article and thought this was a true belief. Thank god it wasn’t. Faith in humanity restored…lol

  • Fitoschido

    The UI is pathetic.