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A preview of GNOME Disks 3.8

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The first thing you will notice after opening GNOME-Disks is the new select button that comes in m any new GNOME Apps.
We can select multiple images and perform multiple-actions at once, like deleting partitions. However that doesn’t seem to work right at the moment.

Adding new images is now available only from the Application Menu. By the way for those who don’t know GNOME Disks can benchmark your disks.

My Intel scores much lower than its factory specifications; one more case that big companies “befool” consumers ..or it is a GNOME bug? :)

Because I couldn’t try most of the things like RAID Arrays creation, everything bellow is from David’s Google Plus

Add a unit combo-box to the create partition dialog | Nov 30

You can now completely control the size when creating a partition in Disks (who says GNOME isn’t optimized for tweakers?!?). More importantly, with this feature in place, we can default to a better unit so you can type 700 instead of 700000 if you want to use 70% of your 1TB disk #ItsTheLittleThings

See for discussion.

Power Off Disks | Nov 19

Disks 3.4 lost the ability to power off drives but fear not because I just added this back for 3.8. Implementation-wise – like in 3.4 – only USB is supported and it works by de-configuring the device and then removing the power to the port it is plugged into, see;a=commit;h=253e05724f9230910344357b1142ad8642ff9f5a

for details. On the handful of devices I’ve tested this with it works as expected – the LED on the enclosure / usb stick is turned off.

Honestly I’m not sure how useful this feature really is (and unlike GNOME < 3.4 we’re not going to hook it into the eject button in the Shell, Files or the File Chooser) but a lot of people have been complaining that it’s gone. For screenshots, see

and note in the last one how we take special care to inform the user that other drives are powered down if e.g. trying to power down a drive that is part of a 4-in-1 card reader USB device.

A list of affected devices | Nov 9

Some users been complaining that they accidentally lost data using Disks so today I added a list of affected devices to various confirmation dialogs.

I know, I know, it’s not ideal – we all know confirmation dialogs don’t really work because users just click through them without reading – and something like anUndo Cluebar would be much better. But also pretty much impossible to sanely implement given the low-level nature of the application. Still worth thinking about, though.

Inhibit suspend whilst creating disk image | Oct 17

Disks will now inhibit suspend/logout whilst creating/restoring disk images. It’s a small detail, but, hey, you know what they say:  #EveryDetailMatters

“Create Disk Image” feature tolerate read errors | Oct 16

Just made GNOME Disks’ “Create Disk Image” feature tolerate read errors. It’s not yet completely as smart as things like GNU ddrescue but we can easily add that in the future if we want to. There’s more info in the commit

and in these screenshots

As evident in the screenshots, I used md(4)’s FAULTY module when hacking on the feature but it also works great with one of my Northern Exposure DVDs (8.1 GB data – 130ish MB unreadable).

Create Raid Array | Oct 12

First cut of the “Create RAID Array” in GNOME Disks. Now I’m wondering if the “Create RAID Array” dialog should also have a way for the user to create a filesystem since it’s what you want 95% of the time (the other 5% includes using the resulting RAID array as a member device for RAID or LVM). Answers on a postcard, please!

We had mentioned all these before, but I just put them all together in a single post. Almost all, because there are many smaller improvements in GNOME Disks. However I cannot correctly run it, so I cannot try it at the moment.

You can catch David in his G+

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  • David Zeuthen

    Thanks for the coverage. The reason there hasn’t been a release is because of the tight coupling between the gnome-disk-utility and udisks packages – I’ll do some releases soon. As for your comment “it is still very buggy”, my view is that you don’t get to say that without filing bugs :-) … FWIW, as of today, gnome-disk-utility is down to eight (8) open bugs in Bugzilla.

    • alex285

      Thank you for clarifying the reason about not releasing. Buggy had the meaning that is on early stages (as every other Gnome module) and many things are unfinished. Sorry for that, I corrected it!

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  • ilver

    My problem with the new disk-utility is, same as with Unity and lot of new software development, less functionality for “better” looks.
    There is no start/stop array button. Have to dig trough to get any useful info etc. What would be possible reason to remove all useful info from the window?!

    • Ryan

      The only people complaining about things like this seem to be self-professed “Power Users”.

      What “Power User” translate to here is “too dumb to send a patch or understand the issue and too full of themselves to acknowledge it”. So instead they just whine and bitch and spend hours talking about nebulous shit like “Unix Philosophy”. Meanwhile, regular users welcome the simplicity and developers welcome the lesser maintenance burden.

      Power Users are a small and impossible-to-satisfy minority. The ones who eventually get a clue become developers and actually do the work instead of just complaining about it.

      • ilver

        And that type of UI and DE philosophy and the attitude “my way or highway” you have made everybody love the Ubuntu’s Unity or the Gnome 3 and switch from Xfce or LXDE.