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A new Sound Recorder App for GNOME 3.12 (?)

Once there was a time when I wanted to make a stupid karaoke in my house, and surprisingly I discovered that Linux didn’t have a simple application for the task. I think in the end we used Audacity, but the point is that, Ok we can’t record sound out of box in GNOME?!?

Meg Ford who by the way is a contributor in GNOME Docs and member of OPW (Outreach Program For Women), stepped up and worked to bring an application (or utility if you prefer) that completes one more missing part of GNOME Desktop.. the sound recording part :)

Designs are made from Reda Lazri and can be found on GNOME Design Team repo in Github.


GNOME Sound Recorder Mockup


GNOME Sound Recorder as it looks today (v 3.11.1 + Git)

Sound Recorder follows the standard GNOME3 application motivo, aim to “I know what to do, at first sight!”, which is something that Gnome Design team deserves credits for. Options are quite limited -at least in this point- and the available formats that you can record and save sound are [Vorbis Ogg, Opus, FLAC, MP3, MOV].

Of course this isn’t about a sound editing program, the goals are:

  • Simple record and playback
  • Basic editing
  • Creating and editing sound for screencasts
  • Voice memos
  • Voice search on the desktop
  • Code by voice

For more you can check out Wiki.

The application is written in Gjs (GNOME JavaScript) and you can fork/download it either from GNOME Git or GNOME Mirror in Github. Don’t forget that you will need an unstable 3.11.x installation to run this!

GNOME Sound Recorder hopefully will be available in GNOME 3.12 and it works something like this..

This version is around 2 months old, but there aren’t major differences than today

Since we are talking about a sound recording application, if you wish Shell Screecasting tool (Shift-Ctrl+Alt+R / gst-launch) to gain a soundcasting functionality.. well it won’t happen. Instead there are plans for a seperate Desktop Screencasting application. Unknown when ;)

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