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A Look To Ubuntu -Only- GNOME Utopic

To be honest I had totally lost interested to Ubuntu GNOME for reasons like no-Systemd (coming soon!), old GNOME, patched GNOME, many bugs etc, plus the very good Fedora. Suddenly my interested for Ubuntu GNOME is back, because it became part of my daily work. Yeap, I’m paid to develop something for GNOME and I can’t ignore Ubuntu GNOME and their userbase.

So I installed Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) from daily images, and I want to share some thoughts as a consumer.

Ubuntu Only

The last 1-2 years I’m watching a new “fashion” to becoming more and more common, and it is none other than software houses or individual developers to deploy, distribute or sell their products (free or proprietary) for Ubuntu and Ubuntu only. Certainly we can port these with some effort in more platforms, but I doubt if that will be the case for much longer.

Visiting sites of many well known applications and see “Available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu (WMU)” makes me re-think what Linux Desktop is. Actually this is nothing new to me, it doesn’t come as a suprise, but Linux distro-communities seem to ostentatiously ignore the problem and the consumers, us.

At first sight when you see the WMU label, you can think it as the developers says

Sorry Fedora, Arch, SUSE (and all the rest) guys but we don’t really care about you. You’re just the minority.

But that’s not the case. If we rephrase this we could make another point

Linux desktop and their fragmentation sucks for application developers. We don’t support it. Ubuntu isn’t a Linux desktop anymore. We do support it.

Before starting blaming Ubuntu (again), I want to point that this bad situation was before Ubuntu, it is with Ubuntu and it will be after Ubuntu. Okay, I’m joking with the Ubuntu.After ;)

Ubuntu was the first Linux distro that they treat users as consumers and they offered us infrastructure (through Launchpad) and an human way to get applications (USC).

[caption id="attachment_26878" align="aligncenter" width="640"]steam-ubuntu Steam is one click install in Ubuntu GNOME from Valve’s site.
No installation guides, no troubleshooting, no hassle!
This is how things should work![/caption]

Yes we can start blaming Ubuntu for lots (for less than Chrome, Android though!), but as a consumer when I see Ubuntu everywhere what do you expect me to do? Obviously I will get an Ubuntu, and the cycle will grow bigger.

Does it matter if Fedora is a better distro than Ubuntu? Does it matter if Arch is an awesome rolling release alternative? Fedora can keep decline to become an useful out-of-the box Operating System till ..“the end”.

Does anyone believe that these Fedora policies actually help Open Source? Open source (the code) is evolving, market is changing but Linux Desktop insists to behave as we live in 2006, in promotional and marketing terms. Guess what, it’s not 2006 anymore!

I may have some “bizarre” thoughts about Free Software, but what I want to emphasize is that the Open Source trend (Free Software philosophy was here from Adam and Eve days!) born out of an extreme capitalist society, and bad parents usually give birth to bad children. Nothing’s bad to be bad :D

Open Source model for developing is just the next generation capitalistic evolution in technology and it is a very very competitive model. Besides, by helping Open Source for free (a contribution), you’re also helping (contributing) the big companies that use open source to make profit out of you.

That was just a bit of my point of view as nothing more than a consumer that considers open way, the only way!

Ubuntu GNOME 14.10

I removed my abused (with many desktops installed) Ubuntu installation and I placed Ubuntu GNOME aside with Fedora Rawhide.

[caption id="attachment_26882" align="aligncenter" width="640"]ubuntu-gnome-partitioning Oops that’s a bit messy![/caption]

Ubuntu’s boot loader discovered Fedora, although it broke Plymouth, but I re-installed Grub back from Fedora. What’s weird is that the daily image I used, it worked only from UEFI booting.

Ubuntu GNOME currently has GNOME 3.10 and some components like GNOME Terminal are in version 3.6, but I think Ubuntu is working to include GNOME 3.12 for their 14.10 release.


Nothing really to say for GNOME 3.10, and I will try to make a review when I will install GNOME 3.14 from PPAs. But before, I’ll give a try to Ubuntu new packaging system (click), which seems quite cool!

Conclusion: Ubuntu GNOME is a very interesting choice if you like GNOME desktop, for one very obvious reason. Huge support via Ubuntu.

Ubuntu GNOME Website

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  • jon_downfromthetrees

    Ubuntu’s better font rendering, by itself, is enough to attract many users. I understand, and agree with, Red Hat’s and Fedora’s reason for not including those patches. That doesn’t make Fedora’s fonts look any better, though. Most people will just say, “Too bad, Fedora.” (My F20 is using freetype and fontconfig from RFRemix and the rendering is excellent. 99.9% of users won’t do that.)

    Ubuntu Gnome’s development cycle has been out of synch with Gnome’s since the project started. It would be nice if they could get in synch, but Canonical’s fixed six-month cycle for Ubuntu will probably prevent that because they’ll never have enough time to push the latest Gnome release into the next Ubuntu release.