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A Hash Checker tool for Gnome

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First of you have to download the script ;) Unzip it and run the Setup file, that calls a simple Zenity installer. Hash Check has an isolated installation, just for your account.

Hash Checker comes in eleven languages

The usual terms? Nah, its author Petar Kulić (Cooleech) warns that this software might damage your health! This is not a joke, as many Open Source Apps can drive you insane! However this is not the case, as Hash Checker is a well established software with not major bugs.

Hash Checker is now installed under $HOME/.HashCheck and it also creates a launched icon in your desktop. If you don’t have nautilus to handle your desktop just remove this.


Because some users are “afraid” to install things in Linux outside their package manager as they do not know how to uninstall them later on, I will refer the uninstall process. You can uninstall it manually by deleting the files in


$HOME/Desktop/Hash Cheker

$HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Check hash

If you think that the above method is complicated luckily there is a better way. Just run the Setup again!

To be honest I don’t like what author has done here. The huge Warning!!! is totally unnecessary, is not even a good joke and it can confuse users as it seems that something bad will happen if you uninstall it, which is not true. Anyway..


Navigate with Nautilus in the file that you want to check, Right Click on it -> Script -> Check Hash

You can check for MD5, SHA and SHA256, and also you can save the Hashes in text files inside the current folder.

After the check is done, you get a handy option to check for these Hashes on Google. Nice one, if you haven’t keep the correct Hashes!

If you do not want to load Nautilus with Scripts you can run Hash Checker as a standalone App. Remove the Scripts as indicated above, and start Hash Checker from its shortcut that you can place anywhere. For example you can add it inside your Gnome Shell applications on Accessories Category.


Simply the best Hash Checker App and a must have!

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  • Brandon Watkins

    Wow, this is very useful, thanks!

  • Cooleech

    Thanx for a nice review! ;) One thing bugs me: “… it also creates
    a launched icon in your desktop. If you don’t have nautilus to handle
    your desktop just remove this.” – why would one want to remove desktop launcher if nautilus doesn’t handle their desktop? I’d say; remove it if DOES, coz then you have it on right-click > Scripts. For example, PCmanFM handles desktop just as good as nautilus (if not even better) and that launcher is VERY useful in that case. How else would one run it on LXDE or Xfce?
    I’ll rename that huge “WARNING!!!” joke into “UNINSTALL” in next version for which I’m preparing new search engine (duckduckgo) for those who dislike google… so we’ll see how that goes. ;)

    • alex285

      Oh I see, I said so because this page does only Gnome. You can add it in GS App Overview, instead of having it on Desktop. But thanks to clarify this!