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A GNOME 3.8 Control Center like No “Other” ;)

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The Other Page

Opening Online Accounts in Settings will give us anOTHER more option


“Other” in my installation it only hosts an IMAP and SMPT.



However I possibly missing something, so with the right configuration the Enterprise Logins will be moved from GOA main page to “Other Page”.


That is for bug (#688056) and you can discover all the GOA designs  plans at:

GOA Providers

GOA can support:

However Fedora at least won’t have support to all these accounts, cause of policy issues. For sure Fedora won’t support Yahoo and Twitter. It is up to any distributor author to include them, and I think is OpenSUSE that provides all of them. Not quite sure thought.

Adding an IMAP Account

If you add an IMAP Account it will sync it with any Mail Client that supports GOA interfaces..

Screenshot from 2013-03-05 18:41:05 Evolution of course!

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  • kostaskaz

    Not sure how this is going to work, is it supposed to connect to Evolution sort of as an easier to find menu or will it be a mini email client built into the shell?

    • alex285

      I update it with an example. There isn’t a mini mail client yet for GNOME, although they are planning to build one.

      • kostaskaz

        Thanks for the example, so I shouldn’t expect it to work with Thunderbird? Regarding a built-in mail client, won’t that be essentially giving up on evolution since 2 GNOME maintained/developed clients seems pointless.

        • Michael Heyns

          I also wish for Gnome integration of Thunderbird, in both the calendar and GOA. Thing is Mozilla focuses on cross-platform and rarely on OS/Desktop Environment specific. The best we can hope for is a Thunderbird extension/add-on.

    • dylan-m

      The idea is your accounts are handled at this higher point, instead of by individual applications. So if you decided to switch to another email client (and that email client paid attention to integrating with modern GNOME) your accounts would already be set up, instead of you needing to enter them again.

  • TheGacko

    I think this whole Online Accounts additions into Gnome is great. Its kind of what draws me to Open Source in the first place.

    If Windows was to implement a global account system they would only ever offer it for Exchange and Windows Servers. Offering very little support for extending the system and wouldnt support anything else as its not in there interests. They may get strong-armed into supporting Facebook or some such but wouldnt exactly go out of there way.

    Mac is the same thing. wanting to tie you to iCloud etc.

    Gnome and Open source in general doesnt (well shouldnt) have any of these problems and should be a case of if the service is popular enough someone will come along and put support for it into the product.

    Also the way this is implemented is very nice.

    • Masishta

      Gnome is part of GNU Project which is Free Software. I don’t get it why people call it Open Source

      • alex285

        In my case (because sometimes I call GNOME (and other software) Open Source and other times Free Software), Free and Open is one and the same. Something that you can study, use, modify and sell. I think is the license that define what is OS and what is FS. As terms they are pretty much the same. Besides the only real Free(dom) is Anarchy ;) Once Free Software is under a license it stops to be free by a strict definition ;) In the end of the road, there isn’t a “free” word, but only “free from..”. I want to say that is really hard for people to make the separation between Free and Open.

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