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7 Amazing Custom Gnome 3 Desktops!

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I picked the *latest* Desktops I like more, and I print them in *Random* Order. If you want to transform your desktop like the bellow designs, just visit the dA links.

1. Gnome Remix 12.10

by ~pissnaround

Theme: Mirev2 GTK3 by thrynk | Icons: AwOken by alecive


2. Fry – Gnome

by ~Dobbie03

Gnome-Shell 3.6 | Ubuntu 12.10


3. PinguyOS Blue Center Light

by ~mmesantos1

OS: PinguyOS 12.04 x64 | DE: Gnome Shell 3.4


4. 19 October 2012 – Ubuntu 12.10

by ~Dobbie03

Ubuntu 12.10 | Conky: Mine | Covergloobus: Amana2 | Wallpaper: Slight mod of| Gnome Shell: Elegance Colours | Faience Icons


5. Big Desktop

by ~dragonzap-team

Big desktop ( without gnome-shell panel, only “hot corner” or super key )


6. Li Mac

by ~aditya2611

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS | Gnome 3


7. Learning The Basics

by ~CharsiBevda

Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome Shell 3.6


There is much more!

deviantArt contains an unlimited number of Themes and variations for Gnome Shell. There is always a way to make “Gnome 3 is About Choice” for real, no matter if the developers directly support customization, or not.

Many of the above themes come with Pinguy OS which is a Distro based on Ubuntu (12.04 on the latest release) and features Gnome Shell 3.4 with some Extensions and a Docky.

How about showing us your desktop?

We thought about doing our own “Show your Desktop Friday” here on woGue so go ahead and send us a screenshot of your desktop with a quick description of what you are using (distribution, Gnome Shell version, extensions, GTK and GS themes, Icon set etc). If we get enough contributions, we will do this every Friday and we may evolve it into a competition where you will be voting for the best!

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  • Swapnil Chitnis

    Here’s mine
    Fedora 17 (GNOME 3.4), Faenza icons and DefaultMod GNOME Shell Theme

  • w1ngnut

    Gnome 3 is such a beautiful desktop!

  • Philip Witte


    Arch LinuxGnome Shell 3.4 (GS 3.6 is coming soon!)’Shine’ Theme (modified)Dash-to-DockMaximus + A Few Other Extentions

  • Pinguy

    Here’s a screen shot of Gnome 3.6 in Pinguy OS 12.10

  • 2eurocents

    So why won’t Gnome developers let me change my theme? My fonts? My icons? Why?

    • alex285

      I guess you know the reasons and I am sure that you know how to change your theme :) Also you know that I am going to make a one click installation Theme Site, similar to Extensions, so basically Gnome Devs don’t bother anyone with their choices at this field :)

      Community (Gnome enthusiasts) can make a better Gnome. No need to ask Gnome Devs to do everything, half people here are programmers :)

  • Александр Андилевко

    Fedora 18. Gnome 3.6.1 Theme: Evolve

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