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4 Minor Updates for Gnome

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Gnome Notifications

Gnome Notifications will soon receive a major overhaul with many nice new features. This is planned for Gnome 3.8 but a postpone for the release after next (at least for some of the new features) can happen as the design is not finished yet and the project is quite big.

After all Notifications is a first class citizen from the very beginning of Gnome 3, and in each version will get many improvements in that field.

All Gnome Applications will support Notification Settings but the question is what will happen with the 3rd party Apps. Gnome needs developers to support its Frameworks and developers can deliver more quality Apps by using Gnome Frameworks. If you want to learn more how to use Gnome Notifications:

What’s new? A Sound Alert Option has been added.

Notifications Filtering Objectives:

  • Global system notification settings
  • Per application notification visibility
  • Per application notification visibility at the lock screen
  • Provide a place to undo hiding conversations


Tentative Art

The above designs are far from a final solution. New Gnome Control Center design with left Sidebar is under design and it is not likely to arrive in Gnome 3.8.

Learn More about Gnome Notifications:

Vala Documentation

Pavel Holovko has updated Vala Documentation and he also started a Russion Translation. Ok, most programmers can read English but having documentation in your language is always a plus.

Every Details Matters

This is by far my favorite Gnome Project. Allan Day added a couple of new Bugs that need to be fixed.

You can see the full list here:

Gnome Shell Annoyances

Gnome Shell Annoyances is a project that tries to discover, list and solve usability issues in Gnome Shell.  It is distinct from “Every Detail Matters” in a way that it doesn’t file direct bugs, but situations which are hard/annoying “by design”. Also it only bothers with Gnome Shell.

Lionel Dricot  started this page in Gnome Live last March with huge success.

Read more here:

Gnome University

Gnome University gained 4 new members in the last two days (!!!) and now counts 28 members in total. You can read our full review what Gnome University is about and you can enroll at any time by simply making a Gnome Live account.

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  • Masishta

    What I really dont like is you can’t change background settings in gnome shell tiling background or zomm, scale, etc
    Why did they remove them?

  • Brian Fagioli

    I joined Gnome University. Excited.

    • Masishta

      Me too :)
      Actually I know C.But I want to learn more and join gnome team