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2 Plus 1 Cool Features For GNOME Software 3.14

GNOME Software will be hugely improved in 3.14 release by fixing lots lots of bugs, but some new features will also arrive. Details makes a difference and in the following video I screencast two of them.

The first one the “Show Details” menu in Shell, that opens the application in Software. That’s really cool because we can quickly view app’s details, remove it, or visit its webpage for more info and news.

Additionally this is a way that makes possible to remove the “About” menus from GNOME Applications. For example, Bastien Nocera has already removed the “About” from Totem 3.12, because he believes that it clutters the menus without a good reason.

The second is the live search. That isn’t as fast as you can type and certainly needs a performance improvement.

Third is the Applications Addons, but the UI bits haven’t yet arrived. However it will be here soon, and people have already started to adjust the appdata.



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