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2 extensions for a better integration for Firefox in GNOME Shell

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Since Firefox uses GTK to implement it’s Linux desktop interface, it’s already integrated with the generic GNOME look and feel. GNOME3 applications use a slightly different look, though. They also have a particular behavior when maximizing: the title bar dissapear (this happens for example with Nautilus or Web).

Now that you want to improve your Firefox experience with GNOME, you can do it by:

  • Install GNOME3 Firefox Theme. It will modify the Firefox theme by modifying tabs (they will look exactly the same that the ones on Web or Nautilus) and the main toolbar buttons.
  • Install HTitle extension. It will remove the top bar when maximizing the Firefox window. There is a GNOME Shell extension that already does something similar, but the final result is not the same.

After you install these 2 extensions, you’ll get this.

Firefox fully integrated with GNOME Shell

Firefox fully integrated with GNOME Shell

Ain’t it cool? Remember to hide the Menu bar in order to have only the “Firefox” button.

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  • ReinoutS

    If it’s fully integrated with Gnome Shell, surely it has a populated application menu under the Firefox active application indicator?

    • IsacDaavid

      almost fully integrated

  • robvelor

    What you should have said was: until firefox gets ported over to GTK3 it will never look like other applications in Gnome 3.

  • IsacDaavid

    I think Alex had already written about those extensions. The GNOME3 Firefox theme is sort of lagged with recent releases, I wanna see my commits being distributed upstream :P

  • IsacDaavid

    Almost forgot! This other extension is worth cheking:

  • Luya Tshimbalanga

    Here is a better integration of Firefox to nearly mimic Epiphany look.

    • Luya Tshimbalanga

      Here is a complete integration of Firefox on Gnome Shell.
      Extensions used:
      – Omnibar
      – Fxbutton to move Firefox global menu to the right

      – Status-4-Ever to integrate the loading bar status and percentage

      – Gnome 3 Theme
      – HTitle

      Close button is added via Customize… option

      In term of appearence, Firefox is more than ready to integration, only modification is the port to GTK3.

  • tido

    For a better GS integration you can also add two others firefox extensions
    – “omnibar” which merge the adress and the search bar.
    – “FXbutton” : create a smaller button for parameters that you can move where you want in the toobar.

  • Marcelo Martinez

    Queda genial FIrefox con estas extensiones, bien integrado con GNOME!

  • Leonel Soriano

    some theme gtk dark? :)

  • Haashir

    I saw netrunner having Firefox Marketplace and their apps on the Apps Menu like native. Is there any way we can make that work in Gnome Shell??