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17 GTK Themes for GNOME 3.6

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At the beginning I had 20 Themes, but 3-4 of them even if they were supposed to work with GTK3.6, they couldn’t, so I end up with 17. I made just 5″ for each Theme to make a short video.

Song Theme: Revolution Void | Snowfall

Because “Less is More”, I made a simple, but fantastic (not ego at all!) Alpha version for installing Themes from your Web-Brower, and as soon as I clean up the code and make a better interface, I will upload it here and Github. As they say, Stay Tuned ;)

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  • Gabriel C

    How can i add the minimize button?

    • alex285

      The easiest way is by Gnome Tweak Tool. Install it, if you don’t already have it, and then:

      Tweak-Tool -> Shell -> Arrangements of buttons on the title bar : Set to all

      • Gabriel C

        Ok thanks

    • TehJack

      You can use the gnome-tweak-tool (Shell > Arrangement of buttons on the titlebar). If you want more control use gsettings (or dconf-editor).
      gsettings set button-layout ‘:minimize,maximize,close’
      You can put buttons on the right(‘:minimize,maximize,close’) or left (‘minimize,maximize,close:’) or even split them and put some on the left and some o the right (eg. ‘minimize,maximize:close’).

  • JJ

    Malys rought is not working for me. It is not updated for nautilus 3.6 etc. The selected toolbar items are not highlighted at all. Any one else face these issues?

    • alex285

      Same as you see on video :)

  • Simone Tolotti

    Can you share the gtk-tests.rb script please???

    • alex285

      this file won’t work alone, I will publish all the code in the next 10 days together with the Browser Plugin. If you want just a script to change themes, I can write you one. It’s 4-5 lines of code.